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Training Name Start Date
Assistant Beaucitian (Free) 2018-11-01
Dress Maker/Tailoring (free) 2018-11-01
Fashion Designing (Free) 2018-11-01
Cook (Free) 2018-11-01
Montessori (Free) 2018-11-01
Off Season Vegetable (Free) 2018-11-01
Computer Repair & Maintenance (Free) 2018-11-01
Mobile Phone Repairer Techician (Free) 2018-11-01
Building Electrician (Free) 2018-11-01
Industrial Electrician (Free) 2018-11-01
Electric Motor Rewinder (Free) 2018-11-01
Arc Welding (Free) 2018-11-01
Construction Carpentry (Free) 2018-11-01
Furniture Maker (Free) 2018-11-01
Mason (Free) 2018-11-01
Plumber (Free) 2018-11-01
Electrical Appliances Repair (Free) 2018-11-01

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Ritu Pasakhala

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Lok Bikram Bohara

Education : Bachelor's Completed in 2014
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Anil Kumar Chaudhary

Education : Bachelor's Completed in 2016
Experience :
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